Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
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Program 2016 One Day Symposium

June 2nd 2016 @ 6pm - 8pm: Pre-event dinner information:

Location:  BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse.

Address: 515 Bay Area Blvd, Webster, TX, 77598


Open to all


June 3rd 2016: The main event - Symposium <abstracts> <pdf>

7:30 - 8:30   Registration/Continental Breakfast - Sponsored by Wyle
8:30 - 9:30 Keynote Address - Glenn Harrington, Ford Motor Company
Technical Expert - Assembly Ergonomics
9:30 - 10:30   Session 1: Education & Healthcare (Chair - Muddimer)

- Jupe, Rimkus Consulting, Excessive Speed vs. Right of Way, drivers perceptual limitations to judge oncoming traffic
- Mehta, Peres, Pickens, Benden, Ory, TAMU, Ergonomics for the future workforce, or are we too late??!
- Shortz, Mehta, Benden, TAMU, Stand Up for Learning
- Dixon, Human Interfaces, Back to Basics: Building a Research Story
10:30 - 10:45 Lightning Session A (Chair - Parker)
10:45 - 11:00   Coffee Break Sponsored by <Your Company>
11:00 - 11:30   Poster Session A (Chair - Parker)
11:30 - 12:30   Session 2: Displays (Chair - Thronesbery)

- Ritchey, Mehta, Peres, TAMU, Validation of a New Self-Report Ergonomic Assessment Tool (SEAT) Using Surface Electromyography, Near-Infrared Spectroscopy, and Video Data
- Meingast, HP Enterprise, Kruithof, Intel, Lessons Learned from Conducting Usability Research within an Open Source Community
- Avera, UHCL, Harper, Russi-Vigoya, Stoll, HP, Effects of Touchpad Size on Pointing and Gestural Input Area and Performance
- Chodapaneedi, T., Illori, A., Sibbadi, B., Allam, V., Gandi, R., Li, Y., Craig, B., Lamar Univ., Order Input Interface for People with Speech and Hearing Impairment at a Drive-Thru
12:30 - 1:30   Lunch Sponsored by <Your Company>
1:30 - 2:00   Interactive Panel Presentation: Expect the unexpected: Conducting research in challenging environments - Greene, Holden, Meingast, Smith, Mehta
2:00 - 2:15   Coffee Break Sponsored by <Your Company>
2:15 - 3:15   Session 3: Space (Chair - Holden)

- Kitmanyen, HFES FL Space Coast (ERAU), Designing a Mobile Space Habitat Analog
- Thronesbery, SKGS, Malin, NASA (retired), Throop, Boeing, Supporting Threat Assessment Using Empirical Data from Multiple Data Bases
- Miller, Wyle, Witt, Lockheed Martin, Overview of NASA/SP-2015-3709, Human Systems Integration (HSI) Practitioner's Guide
- Flores, U of H Space Arch, A Method of Training Crews for Partial Gravity with Simplified Equipment.
3:15 - 3:30   Lightning Session B (Chair - Harper)
3:30 - 3:45   Coffee Break Sponsored by <Your Company>
3:45 - 4:15   Poster Session B (Chair - Harper)
4:15 - 5:15    Session 4: Complex Systems (Chair - Major)

- Sasangohar, TAMU, Systematic Management of Interruptions to Nurses in an Intensive Care Unit
- Neilson, Klein, Reine, Texas Tech, Evaluating carry over effects of sideways camera rotations in the laparoscopic training environment
- Scharing, ABB, What are the elements that should be taken into consideration in the design and implementation of modern automation systems in a control room?
- Acton, Bradbeer, Lelos, Maynard, ERM, Human Factors in Emergency Response Planning and Management
5:15 - 7:00   Awards Ceremony and Reception (Chair - Parker)
Best Student Paper Award sponsored by Anonymous
Best Paper Award sponsored by Lockheed Martin
Best Student Poster Award sponsored by Lockheed Martin
Best Poster Award sponsored by Lockheed Martin
Poster Session A - Details

  18 posters

1. Collier ERAU
PX3's Bite Regulator Technology

2. Melo Silva Federal Univ of Itajub
Application of agent-based simulation on the learning process of healthcare professional users

3. Russi-Vigoya, Bartha, HP
Sound Feedback Research for today devices

4. Vanukura, R., Kandakatla, J., Konidhina, M., Satti, S., Penumatsa, S., Li, Y., Craig, B., Lamar Univ.
Resume Search with Multiple Key-Words of Job Requirement

5. Ilori, A., Li., Y., Mahesh, V., Li, G., Craig, B., Lamar Univ.
Effect of Position: An Ergonomics Evaluation of Police's Wearable Equipment.

6. Patil, N., Kethineedi, S., Dabiran, Y., Saiprem, P., Li, G., Li, Y., Craig, B., Lamar Univ.
Evaluation of User Experience in Different Instant Messaging

7. Clark, Brainard, Salazar, Schwing, Lockheed-Martin, Hannifen, Thomas Jefferson University

8. Srivastava, Mehta, TAMU
Developing a Fatigue Measure for Offshore Oil and Gas Operators

9. Shortz, Mehta, TAMU
The effect of cognitive fatigue on worker perception, task performance, and neural cost

10. Bridges, Benden, TAMU
Evaluation of an ergonomic desktop software

11. Ritchey, Johnson, Batarse, Peres, TAMU
How Symbol Design Affects Compliance To Warnings In Industrial Written Procedures

12. Sharma, Benden TAMU
The use of a computer software as a behavioral intervention to increase and sustain sit-stand desk usage

13. Widlus, Jones, Texas Tech
Steps toward an Intention Prediction System for Assistive Robots

14. Braly, DeLucia, Texas Tech
Can Training Improve Collision Judgments?

15. Armstrong, Jones, Texas Tech, Schmidlin, Sony Computer Entertainment America,
Robots to the Rescue: Tele-Operator Training for Urban Search and Rescue

16. Levulis, Schumacher, Texas Tech
The Relationship between State-wide Handheld Cell Phone Bans and Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident Rates: An Epidemiological Study Using Hierarchical Linear Modelling

17. DeLeon, Kelling, UHCL
Comparing Differences in Near Transfer of Virtual Training on Consumer Quadcopter Drone Flight

18. Avera, DeLeon, Sutherland, UHCL, Sun, Harteveld, Northeastern University
The Best Predictor of Future Reliance is Past Reliance
Poster Session B - Details  
16 posters

20. Collier ERAU
Physiological effects of using PX3 Bite Regulators while sleeping, training and in competition in the prevention of concussions and traumatic brain injury among NCAA Division I Athletes.

21.Boykin HFES Alamo Chapter
An Overview of Army Research Laboratory ' Army Medical Department Field Element Research

22. Russi-Vigoya, Harper, HP
Evaluating HP Sprout as an Aid in Participatory Design Research 

23. Mahesh, V., Li, G., Li, Y., Craig, B., Lamar Univ.
Effect of Flooring on Lower Extremity Discomfort and Fatigue during Food Service Tray-line Jobs

24. Illori, A., Li, G., Li, Y., Zhang, J., Craig, B., Lamar Univ.
Effects of Category Wording and Color Contrasts on the Usability of a Library Website in a Language-Diverse Institution

25.  Dabiran, Y., Navuluri, S., Piya, S., Li, Y., Craig, B. , Lamar Univ.
Music Ergonomics: A Study on Violin/Viola Shoulder Rest

26. Levy, Dundar, Tremmel, Old Dominion University
B.E.L.A.: Brain-computer-interface for Entertainment and Language Assistant

27. Rodriguez Paras, Mehta TAMU
fNIRS Applications in Human Factors and Ergonomics

28. You, Pickens, TAMU
How to Prevent Low Back Injuries from Manual Lifting Tasks: A Study of Kinect Motion Capture System with Markers.

29. Tippey, Mack, TAMU
Weather Alerts within General Aviation

30. Hoyle, Peres, TAMU
The Usability of a Procedure Writing Tool for High Risk Work Environments

31. Sasangohar, TAMU
Interruption Recovery in Supervisory-level Command and Control

32. Lodinger, DeLucia, Texas Tech
Interruptions in laparoscopic surgery: Does camera view influence resumption lag?

33. Neilson, Klein, Reine, Bukowski, Priestly, Texas Tech
Aquatic Nature Images and Green Nature Image Result in Different Perceived Restorativeness Ratings

34. Harris Texas Tech
Tau Attunement Training for Accurate Flare Initiation Timing

35. Flores U of H Space Arch
Why Ramps Should be Avoided in Partial Gravity Environments Like Mars or the Moon.

36. Vazquez Klisans, Kelling, Barajas Barragan, DeLeon, UHCL
Investigation of Gamification within an Online Undergraduate Statistics Course