Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
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Program for 2024 One Day Symposium

April 19th 2024:

8:00am - 9:00am   Registration and breakfast - pick-up your name tag
9:00am - 10:00am Keynote Address - The integration of service, science, and practice in human factors/ergonomics: One personís perspective
Camille Peres, NRC
10:00am - 10:15am Coffee Break Sponsored by KBR
10:15am - 11:15am   Session 1: Experiences  (Chair - Vanessa Jones) (10 mins talk + 3 mins questions)
Ian Robertson, KBR, An Evaluation Of The Potential Of Extended Reality Technologies For Verification Testing At Nasa
Joy Xhindole, UHCL, Harnessing the Nexus of UX Design and Storytelling: The 'Subconscious Order' Case Study
Charles Weeks, Rice University, Post-Power Law of Practice: Comparing Newer Models of Skill Acquisition
Xiaoxuan "Alicia" Cheng, Rice University, Dynamics of Trust in Automated Vehicles: Role of Expectations and Error Consistency

11:15am - 12:15pm   Session 2: Panel  (Chair - Hannah Bowman)
Amrita Maguire from Dell
Tasha David from Exxon Mobil
Steven Sutherland from UHCL
Sibbie Priestly Hensley from United Airlines
Will Althoff from End to End User Research
12:15am - 1:00pm   Lunch
1:00pm - 2:00pm   Posters
2:00pm - 3:00pm   Session 3: Cause and Effect (Chair - Andrea Wilson) (10 mins talk + 3 mins questions)
Jeff Beno, MD Anderson Cancer Center, MD Andersonís Integration of Human Factors in Incident Cause Analysis and Process Improvement
Christine Petersen, Rice University, Effect of Cyclists' Communication Cues on Drivers' Perceptions of Intent During Cell Phone Conversation
Tianyi Mao, Rice University, Effects of Error Types and System Reliability on Driversí Trust and Decisions in Automated Flood Warning System
Katherine Garcia, Rice University, Detail Matters: Driversí Decisions Given Flood Warnings in Simulated Driving Scenarios

3:00pm - 3:15pm   Coffee Break
3:15pm - 4:15pm   Session 4: Evaluations   (Chair - Ian Robertson ) (10 mins talk + 3 mins questions)
Kritina Holden, Leidos at the NASA Johnson Space Center, User Interface Consistency: Characterization and Measurement
Annlyle Diokno, Rice University, Emergence of Paper-Digital Systems: A Usability Evaluation of Single-Page Versus Multipage Digital Instructions in a Ballot Mailing Task
Yining (Elena) Zhang, Rice University, Unreliable Auditory Alerts' Effect on People's Performance of Identifying Phishing Emails
Md Arafat Sikder, Lamar University, Assessing the impact of differing weights of cordless stick vacuums on discomfort experienced in various body parts during floor vacuuming.
4:15pm - 5:15pm   Session 5: Panel (Chair - Christy Harper)
Lindsay Everett from Dell
Michelle Spinelli from SLB
Melissa Meingast from HPE
Thomas Watkins from 3Leaf Consulting
Natalia Russi-Vigoya from IBM
Sangeeth Jeevan from UserTesting

5:15pm - 5:30pm   Awards Ceremony (Chair - Andrew Muddimer)
Presentations of: Best Paper Award sponsored by KBR
Best Poster Award sponsored by KBR
After Party   2 a days - local Pearland place
Appertizers and Drinks
Poster Session - Details


1. Ameer Yadak, Texas Tech University, Replicating Basic Visuo-Spatial Distortion Effects in the Laparoscopic Training Environment
2. Annlyle Diokno, Rice University, Building a Food Pickup App: Interpreting GOMS for Various Relevant Tasks
3. Jayashri Prakash, Rice University, Effect of Noise on Tactile Discrimination
4. Myriam Oliver, Rice University, Does Caregiver Burden and Acute Stress Affect Driving Performance?
5. Scott Mishler, Old Dominion University, Look What You Made Me Do: Using Swift Trust to Influence Responses to Vehicle Update Instructions
6. Aleksei Proskurin, Texas Tech University, Examining Driver Attention in Automated Vehicles: The Impact of Secondary Tasks
7. Katherine Garcia, Rice University, Combating Phishing on Instagram Shop with Training and Priming: Does It Work?
8. Katherine Garcia, Rice University, Studying User Photo Privacy Settings on Instagram Through Two User Interview Studies
9. Megan Keaster, University of Houston-Clear Lake, Potential Limitations Measuring Immersion and Presence in Simulated Microgravity VR Environments
10. Shababa Matin, Rice University, A Formative Usability Study Evaluating A Decision Aid for Caregivers of Incapacitated Patients
11. Alejandra Fernandez-Reyes, Rice University, Context Contributes to Two-Factor Authentication Choices
12. LeGrand Dudley, Rice University, Effects of Automation Exposure and Non-Driving Related Tasks on Driving after Takeover of Manual Control
13. Shrreya Aagarwal, Rice University, Investigating Influences on Commentator Predictions within F1 Racing
14. Shrreya Aagarwal, Rice University, Enhancing Task Performance in Space: Optimizing Augmented Reality Systems for Extravehicular Activities Under Varying Lighting Conditions
15. Elizabeth Allen, Rice University, "Assessing Usability of Medical Self-Test Kits: An Initial Review through Hierarchical Task Analyses"
16. Melissa Cloutier, Rice University, Task Optimization and Alert Awareness in Augmented Reality Systems for Safety-Critical Environments
17. Xiaoxuan "Alicia" Cheng, Rice University, Clarifying The System Usability Scale (SUS) Without Biasing Responses



18th Annual One-Day Symposium of Human Factors and Ergonomics